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Principles of animation

Every Tuesday we have a class with Mike teaching us the principles of animation. This week we covered the importance of timing and what aspects need to be thought about before animating such as the voice over needs to be fully timed before the animator can animate. This is also why it’s so important to create an animatic as well as getting actors to time out each action so you know exactly what needs to happen at each frame.

It was a really interesting class and at the end Mike gave us an exercise to animate a rabbit in Flash. I got to work with Matt on this which was great because we both acted out and timed our movements and expressions to create life in the rabbit. As you can see he lifts his ear and his eyebrow in anticipation.

I really like these classes because we get to learn theory with practical and I’m a far more visual learner so having the application to the rabbit is great. I haven’t been blogging about these classes yet but I’m going to start to.     

— 5 months ago
#principles of animation